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Secret Date, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic FanFiction I knew that somebody would make something like this! Alice x Shun. Secret Date. crystal-mist. I thought it was odd the moment I received his message on my phone. The tone in his voice was filled.

Brawlers are on their way Chapter 5 Shun and Alice, a bakugan. I was actually expecting tons of deviations of Dan x Shun since it was pretty obvious that they make a good yaoi pairing. Shun and Alice blushed hard, and Mira noticed this. liked each other and started dating secretly, as in no one knew about it" Alice said.

Bakugan Fanfic 8 by NoodlesTheName on DeviantArt (LOL, wonder what their Bakugan would say about it...) Yaoi isn't new to me since one of my friends like it. X3 hehehe I just thought of a funny picture that has Dan and Shun and Masquerade. Shu and Dan sleeping on a bed in their boxers and Masquerade appears out of nowhere to challange them making an akward moment for the three. Months Later Molly smiled as she awoke to a brht sunny morning in her and her roommates room. Yawning and stretching she looked.

Love Stories Mostly Alice and Shun Chapter 2 - FanFiction By the way devious Dragon Girl300Why keep reading this if you don't like Yaoi? Mostly Alice x Shun stories for the Bakugan 100 Theme Challenge. the news that Shun and Alice are secretly dating in New Vestroia!

Elder Scroll series and Bakugan Battle Brawlers Crossover FanFiction If you don't like it then stop reading it.thanks. -_- i wish some people would like make pics of them or something. 'Dan thought.'Wow.' Shun moved a bit of black hair out of hiseyes. "So..." Dan said, trying tothink of something to talk about. Elder Scroll series and Bakugan Battle Brawlers Crossovers Filters. Alice and Shun in The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion by Zakemur reviews

Michael kaufmann on dating websites - There is like NOTHING on here that is Bakugan Yaoi except for my fanfics and a pic of dan and shun that someone thinkin of doing a pic of masquerade wearing shuns pants and saying "whoops that let every one know the secret" and shun is gonna be in the backgrond being really pissed of it gonna be soo funny when it finished but i mht change a few things im not sure Bakugan Yaoi part 1" my special someone? Then is blush darkened."Y-you're hair looks neat." Shun stared at him, a faint blushgoing across his face now. Www tok romantic sex. bakugan shun and alice secretly dating. comparing statistic reasearch of online dating

Bakugan Truth or Dare 6 by Appleasey on DeviantArt " a teenager named Danmuttered, his brown hair blowing in the wind as he stared atthe sunset."Hey," another teen named Shun said, sitting next to him. He was a bit suprised that of all peoplethat would see him it was Shun. "Shun said,waving hishand over Dans eyes,"Earth to Dan." Dan blinked a few times."Oh, sorry about that," he replied. Oct 10, 2009. Bakugan Truth or Dare 6. Shun so. truths or dares Alice. I don't own Naruto, Bakugan, or Sonic. Dan What's your grossest secret?

Bakugan yaoi part 2 by Bakura-Tilas-Yami on DeviantArt All I remember was that he had a ninja likelook to his face.. I gently wiped themas I was starting to feel bad..."Shun..."I finally spoke,"Please dont cry for me... He never thought that he would end up with Dan. There is like NOTHING on here that is Bakugan Yaoi except for my fanfics and a pic of dan and shun. "whoops that let every one know the secret" and shun is gonna be in. Shun and I had been dating for a few moth now. Alice shed, a bit worried.

Fanfiction on ZephyrosxLumina - DeviantArt I have to give you Baku Yaoi part 1I clutched my shoulder as I was walkingslowly to my lair. Dan and his stupid ass friends beat me up,except for..his name again, i cantre it at the moment. I saw small tears in his eyes, which he was trying tohide."Im so sorry... " Shun cried as moretears started forming in his eyes. I looked at the ground and saw tears droppingfrom his cheeks."That is NOT t Baku Yaoi part 2"I love you..."Shun's eyes widened. I remember seeing him as the second top brawler in Bakugan Interspace, a ventus player I'm assuming. As Shun woke up, he went to the place where Fabia and Alice was. In there. 2 years after the war between Neathia and Gundalian ended, Fabia and Shun had been dating. Chapter 36 A hidden secret confessed

Bakugan new vestroia ending 3-japanese - Shun and Alice link - Fanpop Then I heard a voice, gently ing out myname..."Masquerade, its me... I slowly opened my eyes to find my head in his lap. A link to an external website bakugan new vestroia ending 3-japanese submitted by a fan of Shun and Alice. japanese ending of episode 52 in bakugan new vestroia. 22528964

Secret Date, a <strong>bakugan</strong> battle brawlers fanfic <strong>FanFiction</strong>
Brawlers are on their way Chapter 5 <i>Shun</i> <i>and</i> <i>Alice</i>, a <i>bakugan</i>.
<b>Bakugan</b> Fanfic 8 by NoodlesTheName on DeviantArt
Love Stories Mostly <em>Alice</em> <em>and</em> <em>Shun</em> Chapter 2 - <em>FanFiction</em>
Elder Scroll series <strong>and</strong> <strong>Bakugan</strong> Battle Brawlers Crossover <strong>FanFiction</strong>
Michael kaufmann on <i>dating</i> websites -

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